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Information on servicing Shareholders

Information on the service of Shareholders from March 1, 2021 provided by Dom Maklerski PKO BP

1. Support for shareholders / heirs who have not submitted share documents by March 1, 2021.

From March 1, 2021, the registration process in the eRA application of Shareholders who will report to the Company with share documents will not differ from the currently implemented registration method.

According to the recommendations of PKO BP BM, the heirs should divide the inheritance before depositing the shares in the Company's deposit.

2. The method of providing information to PKO BP BM on Shareholders who submitted share documents in the Company after March 1, 2021. and the frequency with which they are disclosed in the register of shareholders

PKO BP BM plans that at least until April 1, 2021, the method of submitting data of Shareholders not disclosed in the register of shareholders will not change. After this date, with the exception of joint ownership, the provision of data of Shareholders depositing shares in the Company will only be possible by registering them in the eRA application.

In the initial period, Shareholders who submit share documents in the Company after March 1, 2021 will be disclosed in the registers of shareholders kept by PKO BP BM every two weeks, then once a month.

3. Additional information

PKO BP BM informs that in order to facilitate the Shareholders' access to the information provided by PKO BP BM, general messages, starting from this information, will be, apart from sending them in the form of an e-mail, also on the eRA application available to Shareholders under the button "help" closed page in the "Announcements" tab.

PKO BP BM kindly informs that it does not plan to provide Shareholders with any model contracts, except for the inheritance division agreement, which PKO BP BM uses when serving all its clients.

In order to improve the service of Shareholders, we would like to kindly note to companies that have customarily made available and still plan to provide them with model contracts that the service process at PKO BP BM for a Shareholder or a buyer will be shortened if the contract contains information about the consent of the Shareholder to make an entry.

In addition, PKO BP BM kindly points out that in the case of Companies whose shares are subject to restrictions on transferability, the Shareholder / Buyer must first obtain all the consent required by the Articles of Association or the provisions of the law, and then report to PKO BP BM.
with the set of the above-mentioned consents and an agreement in order to make an entry in the register of shareholders.

4. Information of PKO BP BM for Shareholders disclosed in the register of shareholders

The regulations of the register of shareholders in the Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski are available on the website of PKO BP BM from 27/02/2021. Link to the website www.bm.pkobp.pl/era/.

Shareholders will also have access to the above-mentioned information via the "Register of shareholders" tile (from 27/02/2021) available on the main page of PKO BP BM (link https://www.bm.pkobp.pl/).

On the above-mentioned In addition to the above-mentioned Regulations, the Shareholders will find information, both on the location of the PKO BP BM Customer Service Centers, where they will be able to service them, as well as information on the scope of activities performed for the shareholder by PKO BP BM in connection with the PKO BP keeping the register of the Company's shareholders.

In addition, the website includes, among others:

1. information about the functionality of the eRA application from the Shareholder's perspective

2.Questions and answers sections, where shareholders will find information divided thematically, inter alia, in the following areas:

the method of changing personal and contact data, or the possibility of granting consent for electronic communication with PKO BP BM and the Company
the scope of the required documents for the sale / donation / decline of shares entered in the register of shareholders
methods of notifying by PKO BP BM about entries made
information about an extract from the register of shareholders or a registration certificate
as well as information about possible reasons for problems with logging into the eRA application or about bailiffs' activities
Above information will be updated by PKO BP BM as needed.

Additionally, the above-mentioned a set of information, along with a description of the current eRA functionality (Shareholder perspective). Shareholders will have access to the application under the "help" button.

5. Shareholder Service Channels disclosed in the register of shareholders and the scope of their service

PKO BP BM will service your Shareholders as follows:

1) at CSP during their working hours - to the full extent resulting from the provisions of law, regardless of whether the Shareholder has consented to electronic communication or not. The list of POKs is available on the website https://www.bm.pkobp.pl/o-nas/placowki/. The list of POK PKO BP BM will also be available to shareholders on the website indicated in point 2

At POK PKO BP BM, shareholders disclosed in the register of shareholders from 1 March 2021 will be able to perform all activities resulting from legal provisions, including, in particular, they will be able to:

download free of charge an extract from the register of shareholders, constituting the information referred to in Art. 3285 § 3 of the Commercial Companies Code,
indication of a bank account for their individual Private Market Register through which the company's financial liability will be paid, unless the Articles of Association provide otherwise.
2) via the eRA application (part dedicated to Shareholders) - Shareholders who consented to electronic communication with the Company and PKO BP BM (passive profile) and provided their mobile phone number.

In the eRA application, from March 1, 2021, Shareholders will be able to review the register of shareholders as well as download an extract from this register free of charge (the extract contains data on the Issuer, issue and information from the register of shareholders regarding a given Shareholder). In the eRA application, from the Shareholder's perspective, Shareholders will also have access to notifications and reports where the information addressed to them will be posted. The functional scope of the eRA application (Shareholder perspective) will be successively expanded and the information will be made available to Shareholders on the above-mentioned websites dedicated to Shareholders.

6. Shareholders' data

PKO BP BM kindly informs that in order to ensure the security of trading and the correct verification of the identity of your Shareholders, during the first visit of a Shareholder to a POK, PKO BP BM will ask for the Shareholder to confirm the data provided by the Company before starting its service.

Above updating the data will not prevent the use of the eRA application, subject to the situation where the Shareholder's data provided by the Company will not be consistent and will not be consistent with the data of PKO BP BM, in these special cases the Shareholders will have to identify themselves before accessing the functionality of the eRA application identity at POK PKO BP BM.

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