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About us

Company Profile

What do we do?

Factory SPOMASZ in Bełżyce specializes in manufacturing high quality machinery and equipment for the food processing and for heating.

Why choose SPOMASZ?

For over 50 years, the company provides complete realization of orders, which consists of: design, manufacturing machinery, equipment and whole production lines, assembly and service. We have our own design office working in Auto CAD environment. We also do untypical orders, fully adapted to customer requirements.

What we offer?

Spomasz specializes in the design, manufactures, completing, installation and servicing of machinery and equipment creating:

  • complete technological lines and individual devices of food processing plants: dairies, ice cream factory, ketchup, mayonnaise, juices, wines, chocolates, cakes and food for animals;
  • Heat exchange systems for family homes, multifamily blocks and industrial buildings.

On request we also provide constructions for each industry as a subcontractor.

Quality Policy

Machines and equipment manufactured by Spomasz must meet the requirements of the highest quality. To ensure this, the company operates a specialized department that provides oversight of compliance with the quality policy. All the projects and realizations are repeatedly checked for standards to be meet (for example to obtain authorization to operate in the food industry of the country).

Spomasz in numbers:

Founded: 1971

Number of Employees: 140


France, England, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, China, Lithuania, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, USA, Kazakhstan

Company data

SPOMASZ Bełżyce S.A.
Fabryczna 2
Bełżyce, 24-200

Form of ownership: joint stock company